Soft Tissue Therapy

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Are you interested in soft tissue therapy? Keep reading to see how a chiropractor in Lexington or Thomasville locations can help you today!

Electric Muscle Stimulation

EMS is used for many reasons in our office. It can be used to strengthen muscles that are weak or not functioning well. One of the main uses our patients love, is its ability to decrease pain and inflammation in the body. Some of the conditions that we treat with EMS include:  low back pain, post-surgical pain, muscle weakness, tendonitis, and bursitis.

Intersegmental Traction

An intersegmental traction table, or a roller table, is used in chiropractic care to manipulate the spine and restore the body to proper ranges of motion. By softly putting the spinal column in motion while simultaneously stretching the other components that affect the spine's health, namely the muscles and ligaments, the intersegmental traction table completes multiple different tasks all at once.


Diathermy is a form of therapy that uses electromagnetic current at high frequencies to heat tissues located at different depths. Low heat is typically used to relieve a patient from muscle pain and facilitate repair of tissues that suffered from lesions that could occur when a person engages in physical sports. Treatment is generally painless and can be performed as an out-patient procedure in a clinic. A patient who undergoes this type of procedure could spare him- or herself from further reliance on pain relievers.