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Chiropractor Thomasville NC Patrick Jackson
Dr. Patrick Jackson D.C.

Chiropractor Thomasville NC

Welcome to Apex at Jackson Chiropractic - Thomasville we are proud to serve the Triad area with our office Thomasville NC. Our Thomasville NC Chiropractors pride themselves on doing things differently. Our whole-body approach to health is specific to each person who walks in the door. We are excited to be here and even more excited to have you start your health journey with us.

Apex at Jackson Chiropractic - Thomasville

Choosing the path to becoming a chiropractor was an easy one. Being able to help people of all ages with health issues of all types is not only rewarding but humbling. At Apex at Jackson Chiropractic - Thomasville, we understand that health is life’s biggest blessing. Opening a practice in Thomasville, NC was an easy choice because our family is here. We wanted to bring a natural alternative to health care in a place where natural options are scarce.


Many people believe that chiropractic care is only for back pain and injury, but this is far from the case. Chiropractic treatment can have a variety of positive benefits for a wide range of physical ailments and conditions, from chronic pain to general discomfort. In fact, many patients who come to us simply want help relaxing their muscles and restoring balance to their body due to the impacts and strains of everyday life.

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What sets us apart in our practice is the use of Tytron Computerized Infrared Thermography. This is a sensitive neuro-diagnostic tool used to pick up on heat signatures deep in the spine. We specifically utilize this tool to show areas of potential concern prior to a symptom or injury arising. This allows us to correct areas of instability before pain and injury occur.


There are a few misconceptions about chiropractic that we see daily. Specifically, we only help back and neck pain. Our patients consistently see us for wellness purposes because they have been educated on how important a clear nervous system is. Another big misconception we see if that chiropractic is only for adults. If you took an afternoon and hung out in our clinic you would notice not only adults but kids, pre-teens, babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. If you have a spine – it should be checked for misalignments called a subluxation.

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Our office focuses on people – not symptoms. We have patients who trust us with their families for issues like headaches, stress and anxiety, back & neck pain, earaches, constipation, and bowel issues. It's not that we focus on a far range of issues – we actually only focus on one, your nervous system. The nervous system controls every other facet of your body & life – if we focus on liberating and optimizing the nervous system then many of life’s issues get better.

We are located off National Hwy. in Thomasville NC, between downtown Thomasville NC and High Point. Minutes away from Business 85 and Interstate 85. You can find us directly across from Rosa Mae’s restaurant, next to the Wake Forest Internal Medicine office.

If you are interested in an appointment, contact us today! We accept several cases per month and promise to treat you as a person, not a symptom.

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"Dr.Jackson and their staff is so friendly and caring. Dr.Jackson explains everything so you can understand it. At Jackson Chiroprator your not a patient Dr.Jackson treats you as if you are family"

Robert S.

"I LOVE the docs and staff at APEX! I am greeted with a smile whenever I come in. I deal with chronic pain and I always get so much relief after a visit. APEX has been instrumental in helping me stay off of pain medications."

Georgia C.